And last but not least, you can have a look into our MUSEUM SHOP: We offer specialties and rarities coming out of Giger’s home and museum. But here again, it’s not complete yet. —Some of the articles can be signed by the artist.

The TOUR: Please don’t forget to read the text that appears before you start the virtual tour. It’s easy to move through the museum, and yet you might miss some opportunities of how to move in there.

We wish you a wonderful journey!

The Web Crew


Carmen Giger, Director
Tom G. Fischer, Co-Director
Sandra Beretta, Co-Director
Laure Vuarnoz, Administrator/Webshop manager

Mails in general – and for guided tours, with or without aperos etc. etc. – 0041 26 921 2200
for interviews: Carmen Giger
for exhibitions in our museum: Carmen Giger
for all other exhibitions: Marco Witzig, with copy to Carmen Giger

Office HR Giger in Zurich:
Maria del Carmen Scheifele, and Carmen Giger – 0041 44 302 2003

Tom Gabriel Fischer, Assistant to HRG
Archive of HRG's art: Matthias Belz (Work catalogue) and Marco Witzig

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