On June 21, 2008 the Museum celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

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To commemorate the anniversary of the Museum, Bijan Aalam and Philippe Carini, both long-standing friends of HR Giger, have created the "HR Giger's Collector's Book". It contains previously unpublished photos and texts on the subject of the ten-year history of the Museum. (see News).

Moreover, a further special publication, "HR Giger/Martin Schwarz: Zusammenarbeiten 1984", has also just been released. In it, both artists and a number of authors provide their thoughts on the featured collaborative art. This book is limited to 333 copies, all signed by HR Giger and Martin Schwarz. (see News).

On October 20, 2007, HR Giger was handed the Willy-Reber-Foundation award in Chur. As Chur is HR Giger's home town, this award carried a very special significance.

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